Help for the bereaved

The loss of a loved one can be a sad and distressing time and we hope that the following information will be useful.

Firstly you will need to obtain a Conformation of Death. If this occurrerd at home, you will need to contact your loved ones G.P. surgery. A doctor will visit the place of death and may issue a Conformation. There are certain circumstances when the Doctor may not issue a Conformation of Death. This will be explained to you by the G.P. at the time of the visit. If the death occurred in hospital you will need to collect the conformation of death from the bereavement centre at the hospital where the death occurred.

Registering the Death

Once you have been given the Conformation of Death, you will need to register the death with the Registrar of Births, deaths and marriages in the town where the death occurred. The registrar will issue a Death Certificate and the necessary paperwork for a burial or cremation. This is required by the Funeral Director and is free of charge. Additional copies of the death certificate can be obtained for an additional fee. These may prove useful as banks and insurance companies usually require an original and not a photocopy.

Bury Register office 0161 253 6026 North Manchester Register office 0161 234 5511

Contacting the Funeral Director

You should contact us as soon as possible so that we may help and support you. As soon as you have the certificate of the cause of death, we will bring your loved one into our care. We can not begin the funeral arrangements until you have registered the death and been issued with a death certificate. You should bring the certificate to us as soon as possible.

Legal Advice 

The loss of a loved one can often involve having to sort out financial affairs, dealing with their wishes, perhaps contained in a Will or they may not have left a Will at all, which can create problems of its own. 

Our Solicitors have many years experience and understand the concerns that can arise in these circumstances.

They are able to provide advice in connection with:

  • transferring or closing bank accounts
  • dealing with stocks and shares
  • tax affairs
  • selling a house
  • when and how to obtain a Grant of Probate
  • sorting out beneficiaries’ shares
  • the validity or interpretation of a Will
  • financial provision for dependants

In association with Timeless Funeral Services, our Solicitors will provide free initial legal advice to our clients and can arrange to drop in to our premises to offer advice under one roof, saving time and worry.

We hope you found the above information useful. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you wish to discuss anything further.

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