About Us

Choosing a Funeral Director is a difficult decision, whether it's the result of necessity or a desire to obtain information, it should not be rushed into.

With such a serious matter it’s wise to get all the facts before making your selection. At Timeless Funeral Services we are dedicated to do all we can for the bereaved families and help them cope with the loss of a loved one by providing a professional, caring, understanding and compassionate response to their needs.

Our Funeral directors will guide you in your arrangements so that your cost will be within your means and that the service that you plan will be meaningful.

Our mission is to help lighten the burden that one has when going through the difficult time of arranging the funeral of a loved one. We can help achieve this through a staff of well trained professionals,

who through their sensitivity and creativity, help guide you through your journey. We will advise and assist with all aspects of the funeral arrangements including cremation, burial, DWP claims and prepayment Funeral Plans.


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